5 February 2009

18 Years In The Making

Firstly - when you read this post, please do so in a reedy, whispering manner because I have completely lost my voice (thanks flu virus)
(Oh how Mr Jelly has taken the mickey this morning!)
Now. We live in a part of the UK that is surrounded by valleys - the Cotswolds and the Mendips, plus we're quite near the Bristol Channel, so while the rest of the country gets horrendous weather, be it snow or rain or wind, we don't tend to ever get much of anything.
Mr Jelly says it's because of the valleys and air cooling over the channel and stuff like that and I'm not clever (or interested) enough to dispute it, so you'll have to take his word for it
So for the past 18 years or so, we have watched as the rest of Britain got battered by winds, soaked by rain and carpeted by snow, all while we sat under grey skies that never did anything exciting.
Until today!
We've had proper, crunchy, deep, snowman-building-school-closing snow!
Me and Mr Jelly put on our wellies, hats and gloves and left a sulky boy*jelly on the sofa whilst one of us tried her best to build a snowman and the other one threw snowballs down my back.
Here is the effort of our work:
Just as I was taking my wellies off and putting the kettle on, boy*jelly decided that "actually, I think I might just be well enough to go out for a bit", so we donned our wellies, hats and by-now-soaking-gloves and went out to build another one.
. .
And here is boy*jelly's snowman:

And here he is dodging one of Mr Jelly's snowballs!

And just because I can be quite rude at times.
(well, most of the time, if I'm honest ...)

(Me playing with some snowballs)

EDIT : I'm really suffering for being outdoors and having fun - bleuch - I've been laid on the sofa all afternoon listening to my banging head!


random moments said...

That snowman is SO EASY. *snort*

Love the photos!

April said...

we finally had some proper full on snow too and snowmen were springing up everywhere!

April xx

b. said...

This is hilarious!
Congratulations on the snow!

Feel better soon...

Pink Feather Paradise said...

The snow man looks unimpressed by your advances.... glad you didn't have a carrot and a couple of tennis balls!!!lol


LissyLou said...

Fab snowmen!!

Kitty said...

Does the cold have the same effect on snowmen as human men? ;-) x

busy lizzie said...

What a tropper getting out there and making two snowmen! Reminds me of the years I lived in the uk. (Little shudder. I dont like it that cold! We are boiling over here in NZ at the momment. Talk about polar opposites! Look after yourself!

Tip Top said...

Glad you're getting better - ish!!

Mr Jellys snowballs hehehehhe!!!

peppermintpatcher said...

You may have picked up a snowman virus - did you check where he had been?

Suzie said...

lovely post, hope you are feeling better now tho...

PamperingBeki said...

What perfect snow people! Looks like a super fun day.

I wonder if that snowman felt violated.

Taz said...

I think that snowman looks like he's got a smile on his face ha ha