18 August 2009

Life's Big Questions

Life is full of difficult questions, but basically, it boils down to two major ones.
Should we get a dog?
Or have kids?
I'm going to say dog ...
... because they're much easier to give away.


Lizzie @ Lizzie's Home said...

Just got this one from DH last night, LOL.

Have had both happen.

Plus variations - Vegemite, sugar, margarine and red pasta sauce are my favourites. Thankfully all edible. If I walked into a painted loungeroom I think I'd start screaming and wouldn't stop.

What I'm always curious about is the fact that the parents' first thing is not to whip that kid (well not literally) straight into the bathroom but to reach for the camera instead. Documented evidence at the trial, I suppose? LOL

clare's craftroom said...

Yes had both episodes too so this gives me the absolute right to laugh at others ! lol !

Libby Buttons said...

i jist peed

Federica said...

oh! you won't believe it but me and my boyfriend are asking ourselves this question TOO often lately! We are more keen on the dog (LOL), although we can't have it right now because the landlord doesn't permit it, but we are far too SCARED by our neighbours kids to even think about gettin one O__O
you always make me laugh! hugs federica

Hannah said...

That one was passed round at work!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I seem to have always gotten a dog one year before the child has arrived! how wierd is that! I have absolutely no intention of any more dogs! lol :D

busy lizzie said...

Its a tricky one, but after four kids, heres my take on it. Dogs can be trained to do as they are told. 17 year old teenage daughter climbing out bedroom window to go meet her mates, not so trainable (obviously). Dog lies at bottom of bed all night. 18 year old teenage son, out somewhere riding around in cars.
However I say this in hindsight, and we only have a cat, so don't take my word for it!!

Celeste said...

I thought the same as Lizzie... Why is that parent grabbing the camera at a time like that.
But then I realised, it's not like the parent can do anything to improve the situation so you may as well get the camera out. The kids will have forgotten in a few years what they did so photographic evidence is required.

Sabii Wabii said...

We collected kids (5). Hubbie would have continued the collection to a bakers dozen. I said NO. Now everytime he askes for more I get him a puppy. We're now two in two years!

silverpebble said...

Sweet mother of all the monkeys. Is this your house?

Karen Sanders said...

Oh my gosh, first reaction was to stop breathing, me that is..... then when reality hits just smile. I hope to never find out but it has made me giggle and now I am forwarding this to all my friends with kids or animals. Thanks x

Laura said...