1 August 2009

Hair Today ...

Dear Hair,
When I was little, you were an interesting shade of, erm, orange.
. .
Early in our life together, we shared a haircut that was apparently inspired by a bowl.

My mum tells me it is a "Purdy" cut - all the "rage" back in the day.
(Personally, I think the hairdresser misheard "Purdy cut" for "pudding cut")
(sorry mum, I know you thought I looked "cute")
For a dodgy time in my youth, you made me look like a boy.
We've tried a perm a few times
. .
Admittedly, there has been the odd ocassion when you have helped me look sultry and siren-like.
We've tried pretending the sun has streaked you blonde
The only time you suited me short was when we went for one of those "makeover" photo-shoots.

But who has the time to do that every day?

So I decided to "grow you out" and I've happily let you do your own thing for the last 3 years.


Only visiting the hairdressers 3 times in those 3 years.
I had that blip a while ago when I tried to dye you a shade of auburn, but you rebelled and went purple.

(So that's orange, blonde and purple we've tried)

I've even had a go on this very blog (here) at seeing what we would look like with various different hairstyles.

. .

Sadly, the one that suited me the most was a 1970's afro - the complete opposite of you, so no chance of recreating this look for real.


So. Here's the point of my letter.

I'm getting bored with you.

It's not you, it's me.

(okay, it's you)

The problem, as I see it, is, you just sit there - doing nothing.

I know technically you're dead and everything, but perhaps if you could give me a little kink now and then ...?

I am grateful that you are not showing any signs of going grey.

And despite all the twisting, plaiting and bunching I put you through, you've kept your ends nicely un-split.

But it's getting to the point where we NEED to go to the hairdressers and get you properly styled.

When we do go, could you perhaps pay attention to what the stylist is doing and maybe then stay in that style for longer than 2 hours?

It's not too much to ask - is it?

Because - after all ...




The person that lives under you.



Kathi D said...

I like the one with the glasses. Will you do it like that, please?

dottycookie said...

I was about to request the glasses style too, but more for the glasses than the hair.

Oh, and if you do find a style that stays, could you let me know what it is because I think I've been through all the same stages as you have. Except that my auburn experiment left the top of my head unaltered and the ends of my hair bright pink and frizzy. Nice.

Greentwinsmummy said...

This had made me laugh so hard & so much, thankyou thankyou!!!!
GTM x x x x
still chuckling hehehe

Ruth said...

Those glasses are divine. And the perm... you made it look very cute!! I have always wondered 'what if' ever since refusing a cheapo perm from a backstreet bangkok salon... but I blatantly would've ended up bald and devoid of my handbag contents, at the very least.

(And please tell the bossy fairy I WILL sort flickr out soon!)

silverpebble said...

Thanks for the hairy laugh. I have curls, which is good some days. Then other days it's like Jon bon Jovi on a very bad day. More than half the week it's a fright wig. I reckon we all have hairy issues x

Garden Girl said...

That really made me laugh, thankyou!
Hope The Big Chop is a success!

MelMel said...

Loved this post, your so clever!
It made me giggle, BTW....you look glam!
I had the "Purdy" cut too.....my Mum used heated rollers everyday before school.....it used to drive me mad!!!!

Sew Scrumptious said...

brilliant post. Made me laugh lots. I had a perdy cut when I was little too. Mums have a lot to answer for!!

busy lizzie said...

I had a purdy cut too, and boy I didn't look very purdy. I reckon those hairdressers all said we looked like Joanna Lumley so we wouldn't scream the salon down. I got teased at school for that haircut. Just had my hair done again, and thank god my hairdresser returned, because after the last hair cut I was heading into a downward spiral, and not the perm variety either!!!

LoloDesigns said...

Oh this post is great and who didn't have that purdy cut eh! I've tried them all, the Farrah, punk shaved with pink and black (parents were NOT impressed), right upto the Jennifer ;o)

Glad you liked the post on St Ives. I don't know what the shop name is, too busy taking piccies but will ask my sister for you xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

You made me laugh! I too had the pudding cut when I was little, nice!

kazzells said...

Wow, some great looks going on!!! I laughed so much it hurt so thank you! I had the classic "page boy style" a longer perdy cut, along with the lady Di cut too, ooh the years are flooding back!! Thanks for the *giggle*


Hannah said...

I tried various things with my hair. I had reasonably long hair till I was in upper school and I decided to chop about four inches off the bottom - don't think my dad was too impressed - he liked me having long hair.

I've had it varying lengths since. I've done a burgundy red, midnight black (So black with a blue tint), just plain black, and in a radical moment inspired by a friend at church I had pink underneath my semi-natural brown colour - it was nice till the pink washed out and I was left with a blondy ginger bit underneath :)Yum!

I decided about January time to ahve my hair cut really short! It looked very surfer boy ness lol. Now I am just growing it and see if something happens lol.

I come from a family of people who go prematurely grey - my mum is in her 40's and going grey her aunt went completely gray before she hit her 40s. I am 23 and could be grey before I am thirty! I've decided that if I go completely gray before I'm 35 I am going to dye my hair completly pink!

Tillyboo said...

Brillaint !
I have to say, the Afro looked good .... x

Federica said...

the pudding cut is great! I actually did even worse on my hair during my life... went from normal-sad-brownish-hair to madonna-platinum blonde, through total black, to geri halliwell-ginger spice-ginger hair with blonde strikes like her! and even a lot of other colours in between! But I've never tried the 70s afro style that apparently suits you a lot!!! :) hugs and thank you for always making me laugh :) federica

Kathi D said...

I ended up here again and I wanted to say that first picture of you is SO CUTE!!