5 August 2009

Dear Weather

Memo to : The Weather
From : Most of the UK
Date : August 2009, 2008, 2007
It has come to our attention that you appear to have mis-read the last memo.
It stated :
Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day
You seem to have substituted the word "another" for "every"
Management took a long time constructing this rhyme and for you to misinterpret the meaning is a blatant disregard for our general well-being and vitamin-d intake.
Please look into this oversight immediately.
Failure to act upon this memo may result in the ending of the rhyme being changed entirely.
And not necessarily for the better.
. .


nickynackynoo said...

Oh, how good it is to laugh on such a dismal day!

Menopausal musing said...

Emma, that has brightened a dull (but dry) start to my day. x

Katy said...

I second that memo. It's starting to get a little (OK, A LOT!) annoying.

Federica said...

Thank you for making me laugh :D :D :D you're always way too funny! and you bring some sunshine even if I am sitting next to a window and I'm asking myself: is it REALLY-REALLY august??? hugs from a sad sad italian in swindon :( federica

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I second the above.... (mind you, I saw some sunshine just now! shhh don't let the rain cloud know!) mind you I have had 7 wasps in the kitchen with a flying kitten launching herself off anything and everything trying to catch them and I have a back yard full of flying ants about to launch! yay for the summer!

I was informed that we are going to have an Australian Christmas... my sister in law is considering making Turkey burgers for our Christmas bbq's! who is she kidding it will just rain! lol ;D

x Alex

teeth and snarlz said...

you do make me chuckle XD

dottycookie said...

Chortle - hope it listens to you!

Kathi D said...

Rain? What's rain??

It's a pity that the heavens are so unequal in their distribution of moisture.

Ruth said...

I agree. It is so grey and dingy and miserable i am starting to look like frickin' Gollum.

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

yeah it worked - second day running with washing actually drying on the line rather than hanging about damply and going musty before actually drying - thanks jbjb x

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear, although here in Bangor(NI not Wales!)we have had a few fairly sunny days with just a big downpour now and then.

Queenie said...

Hi Emma been doing a wee bit of bloghopping and came across your inspirational blog,wow so glad i found you so much to see,read and drool over{whayt can i say?lol}
Look forward to popping by again.

Elenka said...

We had nothing but rain all June and July. I musta had the wrong words as well.
Now you tell me......

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Can I have a request for 20-24degrees with no rain for Saturday please? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

great post!...sadly only worked for 3 days of summer, still better than nothing I guess.