7 August 2008

Appraisal Of Me

I was given my staff appraisal today.

This is what it said:
Improvements could be made in the following areas:
  • Frequently turns up for work late.
  • Often makes no effort with her appearance, and is often to be found in her pyjamas.
  • On no account does she ever tidy up after herself leaving her boss to do it every Sunday.
  • Likes playing Scrabble on the Nintendo DS a little too much.
  • Is happy to let her team work for no money whatsoever.
However, Emma brings the following skills to her role:
  • Her work is exmplerary and is finished to a high standard.
  • Regularly has good ideas for new products and witty blog posts.
  • Will quite often stay until 10 pm processing orders.
  • Is a jack-of-all trades demonstrated by; answering emails, working on financial accounts, sourcing new stockists, working on new marketing strategies, website design and management as well as seeking out new business opportunities.

    A fair assessment I suppose.

(In case you hadn't realised ... I'm self-employed!)



April said...

I think you deserve an A+ for making me laugh!!

April xx

KKJD1 said...

I'm with April I have to say A+ too!

Tip Top said...

Hehehehe!! Very underated!

Lola said...

Crap! I got a D- on my evaluation! I guess I'll have to work harder this quarter.....Maybe I should start off by buying the boss an expensive present! (ha ha)

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Oh so working 'til 11am in your PJs merits a B+ does it? Phew!! I'm with you then. :o)