3 June 2008

I Only Said A BIT Of Rain!

Okay ... enough's enough!
Everybody in the south of England can blame me for all this rain we're getting.
I happened to mention to Mr Jelly last weekend that the lawn was looking a bit yellow and we could do with "a bit" of rain to rejuvenate it.

Notice I said "a bit" ... not days, and days and days of it!
So, I'm saying out loud "the lawn's looking a bit drenched, we could do with about 6 weeks of sun to dry it out"
Enjoy your (damp) day!


Tip Top said...

Glorious sunshine (and a bit of cloud) up north!!!!

Hoola Tallulah said...

It's pouring in the south of France too, if I don't get some washing dry soon the kids will be going to school in mud covered clothing and I will probably have to drown myself in the lake.
I think it is time for a sun dance....

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

We've got sun this morning - 4th so maybe your prayers have been anwered again. Or maybe you have magical powers..... ooh spooky....

hautemommy said...

Gosh, I am jealous! :) San Diego does not see rain very often, so Ive learned to appreciate it when we do! xo!

Art by Sophie said...

I maybe mentioned to a few people that I was quite liking the rain. I dont usually like it. usually i hate it. It makes my hair go fluffy, damn it, it takes me an hour to get my hair fully ghdeed & shiny straight! but i quite like the rain this time, i must admit! then the sun came yesterday. i think i liked that more! lol....