22 May 2009

Tagged To The Power Of Eight

Amanda over at Kitschycoo has tagged me, and as I'm running low on blog-inspiration, I thought I'd give it a go ...
8 Things I am looking Forward to ...
1. My holiday with boy*jelly and Granny*jelly at the end of July
2. My order for heat 'n' bond being delivered because I've ground to a halt without it
3. Being thinner, which is connected to the next one;
4. It getting easier at the gym, because it's completely exhausting me at the moment
5. Going to see Michael Macintyre, Bill Bailey and Tim Minchin performing on various dates
6. Going to see Take That in Cardiff next month!
7. My first craft fair of the year in Lacock in August, because last year it was really busy (apparently)
8. The next episode of Dr Who so I can spend 45 minutes leering at watching David Tennant (cue gratuitous photo)
8 Things I Did Yesterday ...
1. Slept in because it's Mr Jelly's turn to take boy*jelly to school this week
2. Waited for my heat 'n' bond to arrive with the postman. It didn't.
3. Spoke to a stockist about an order that Royal Fail Mail were late delivering.
4. Faffed about with my blog trying to work out why it wouldn't open properly.
5. Removed my "follower" widget from my blog because that's what was stopping my blog from opening properly
6. Made a beaded watch for a customer order
7. Had a very long sleep in the afternoon whilst boy*jelly watched Spongebob (told you the gym was exhausting me)
8. Laughed myself silly at "The Inbetweeners"
8 Things I Wish I Could Do ...
1. Tidy up after myself
2. Sketch / draw / paint
3. Sing in tune
4. Fit into a size 12 pair of jeans
5. Be more patient
6. Be better at time management
7. Be more disciplined
8. Whistle really loudly with my fingers in my mouth
8 Shows I Watch ...
1. Everybody Loves Raymond
2. Q.I (We're going to a recording in June - we'll be in the audience, hence the whistling reference above)
3. The Inbetweeners
4. Dr Who (oh, cue another gratuitous photo)
5. Ashes To Ashes
6. How Not To Decorate
7. Gok's Fashion Fix
8. Anything on Discovery Health & Leisure, including DIY S.O.S / House Doctor / 10 Years Younger / John & Kate Plus Eight
So now I have to tag 8 other people, and I choose :
Ethel and Edna because I think she's forgotten she's got a blog ...
Busy Lizzie because I accused her of being Australian recently, even though she's a Kiwi.
Kathi D at I Think We're All Bozos On This Bus because I love her blog and need to know more about her
Cathy at Menopausal Musing for the same reasons as Kathi D above
Mrs Jelly Belly well with a name like that ....
Kathryn at Our Shabby Cottage, because she has the same taste in colours as me ... pink!
Katy at I'm A Ginger Monkey - because she gave me tons of advice about having a tattoo
Laurie at 23 Beechill because I know one of her "looking forward to" will have something to do with Archibald learning how to heel ...
Here's the rules, just in case you want to follow them:
1. Mention the name of the person who tagged you.
2. Do the lists of 8.
3. Tag 8 bloggers of your choice.
4. Let them know that they have been tagged!


trashalou said...

Fabulous listage - any excuse for those gratuitous images ;-)

Tillyboo said...

Hubba, Hubba Dr. Who.
Thanks for the tag, I'll get round to doing mine soon x

Kathi D said...

Thank you, my darling! Usually I shoot at people who tag me, but you are soooooooo nice about it that not only will I not shoot you, I will even do it!

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Oooh cheek! I have been blogging quite frequently recently. Well 2 posts in a week is VERY frequent after my lengthy break. lol

Cheers hunny. I will go and ponder my answers and post 'em tomorrow. It is 7.50 after all... Dr Who in a mere 10 mins away... Me and kiddie are both recent converts (shhh don't tell).

Kitschy Coo said...

Thanks for playing! David Tennant pics have become even more precious since that video clip we obsessed about this week ;)

busy lizzie said...

Croiky mayte, Id'e bedder think of some real dinkum ansas to those ayte questions!

Menopausal musing said...

Oooh, errrrr, tagged twice recently... how much can a "girl" take??? Will do it, might take a while, but WILL do it, promise........:O) x

twiggypeasticks said...

Nice photos!!

summerfete said...

re beach huts in cornwall??

I've just trawled thru my photos, no huts that I know of in Cornwall, bet theres loads though.

Have pics with huts from devon and hengistbury head.

Bet if you google it you'll find some.