3 May 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Can somebody please explain to me, how, by all that is comfy, can she sleep like this?
. .
Note the chin wedged under the radiator (which in the winter is obviously hot!)
Note how much bed she's not sleeping on.
Note which part of her anatomy is touching the back wall.
I'm getting a fish next time.


Josie-Mary said...

Great photo, very funny! :)

busy lizzie said...

Aw. Apart from the fur, that could be one of my kids!!!!

our shabby cottage said...

What a crazy mutt!! I'm just glad she didn't have her rear end on the radiator....

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Our chocolate lab cross springer does that.... except he's fairly well endowed and I think he's just showing off as he lies on his back with his legs all overthe place... I would take a picture but I would have to censor it! lol

Smudge also lies with his head on the hearth of the open fire when its lit... how his nose didn't get burnt I'll never know... the fire guard is for the dog as much as Daniel!

I fancy a cat... you don't have to panic about how long you've been out and rush back to let it out!

X Alex

Menopausal musing said...

That is such a sweet photo. . . (Bet she knows it!!) x

Esther said...

Grin, only dogs, cats and small children can be comfortable asleep in strange positions. One of our cats, who only has three legs, sleeps with all three paws sticking out from under his head! Either that or stretched out to be as long as he can right on the edge of something so he is danger of toppling off.

Ruth said...

Love your blog and all your creativity!

Jackie said...

Oh!!! Love her.