30 June 2010

So. Where Was I?

Ok people, budge up ....

I left you in November after I'd just done that horrendous baby show and had got a speeding fine.

So Christmas came and went and then we were hit with Black January.

Black for two reasons ...

... I turned 40 and we lost our lovely 15 year old dog Poppy.

But I don't want my comeback gig to start off on a downer, so let's whizz on ahead to February.

Me and Mr*Jelly went to London for the weekend and did the tourist bit.

Granny*Jelly totally spoilt us and paid for us to stay in a four-star hotel. It had revolving doors and huge glass chandeliers in the lobby and everything. It even had a telly in the bathroom!

However, four star prices didn't stop some tw*t having a cigarette in their room at 2:00 am and setting all the fire alarms off!

Still, I did manage to get these shots of the London Eye and the very posh fire escape stairs!

March. Can't remember much about March.

Or April.

June .... nup, bit of a blank, but I'm sure it will all come back to me over the next few blog posts!

So. Here we are almost in July.

I'd love to be able to tell you that I've lost tons of weight since we last spoke, but, hey this is me remember!

We have got a new addition to the family though ...

... meet Jazzy

Looks cute doesn't she?

Butter wouldn't melt, right?

Don't you believe it!

She's the naughtiest sock-eating, shoe-eating, rabbit-pooh eating, cow-pooh eating, sheep-pooh-eating, stick-eating, toilet-roll-shredding, climbing-on-the-sofa, sleeping-on-beds, won't-come-back-when-she's-called 10-month old Lab you ever did see!

Here's evidence of how much she loves her socks ...

... in her food bowl, saving it for later.

And toilet rolls don't stand a chance ...

But we love her.

I want to thank you all for coming to the first night of my comeback tour, you've been a great audience, until next time!


Pink Feather Paradise said...

raaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhh more, more, encore!

sounds a little rollecoaster like but hey ...you got off at the end and Jazzy is way too cute.... big hugs about Poppy, I dare say whe's visiting you and telling Jazzy that you enjoy all the chewing and sock love! lol... and please tell me life starts at 40... I have a year and a bit to go and thats what I have been telling myself! lol

x Alex

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

welcome back!
awww what a cute dog!

Taz said...

Good to see you back honey. Sorry to about dear Poppy :( Your new monster looks like you're being kept busy though ;)

I turned 40 in January too - isn't it fun! :p

Looking forward to your next performance.xx

Busy Lizzie said...

More More!! Encore Encore! Been wondering, but don't like to ask sometimes as you dont know what is happening in peoples lives! Glad you are back. So sorry about your Poppy. The new rebel looks adorable and just as well looking at the handiwork!! A few bloggers have been away actually, and I went AWOL myself for a bit. Created a second blog. another one that I wont be able to keep up with!!! ;0/

Esther said...

Nice to see you back. Sorry to hear about Poppy but your new 'angel' looks fabulous !

Ruth said...


mrs jelly. i do not approve of all this robbie williams business. your thoughts on the reunion??

prettyshabby said...

hey lady..glad to see you back ..life begins at 40 doncha know?
I see you have a typical labrador then..a stomach on legs.My sister's dog once pooed a whole hand towel whilst walking In the town.Try fitting that in a poop bag.Nice.
Sorry to hear about your old houndy, very sad..but I do love the sound of newbie though.I believe its 'character building' to have a naughty dog ;0) xx

Kaz said...

OOOOhhhh hello so missed you, glad you back in bloggy land missed your funny storys, love your new addition we hav back we a big black lab who loves socks and sadly my pants!! not sure a thats right but it makes him happy.....so wrong i know!! I am 40 in november ekkkk.....clinging ont to my thirties dont want to be grown up!! great to have youback

trisha too said...

Sounds like a lovely (for the most part, yes?) trip!

Don't even get me started on about my naughty dog.


You know, Mrs. Jelly, you need another comeback--it's SEPTEMBER, and your faithful followers do miss you . . .


Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

hope the last few months have been better, nearly the end of the year... heres to a better year...

CUTE pup, oh yer he want be a pup now... bet he has grown...

Gigitte77 said...

hi hi hi