26 November 2009

Sod's Law, 1,376 ... Mrs Jelly, nil

Dear Mr Law,
Okay, okay, you win.
I shall never question your power again in a mocking tone on this blog ...




Kitschy Coo said...

Oh no, poor you! It never rains, huh?

Anonymous said...

F Sake! So many times I've thought I've been clocked and I haven't. And so close you were too- they allow 10% plus 2 (OH is in Police) so you could have gone up to 35mph without anything! Gah.

Oh and you would have only had a caution if it was a copper with a gun, in Leicestershire anyway they only give you tickets if you're more than 10mph over or are being a knob. I'm not sure if I should have said that!

busy lizzie said...

I would take out a restraining order on Mr Law, he is stepping way over the boundry now!

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Oh hunni!

big hugs and an even bigger hug!


Ruth said...

Oh for f's sake... booo!!
And about QI - I would have totally encouraged all disgraceful behaviour towards The Tennant. So yes... probably just as well!

Kitty said...

Oh blimey. :( x

Ruth said...

mrs j, my best mate is right this very moment in an airport in uganda... GARY BARLOW and the kilimanjaro climb lot are all there - he just walked past her and she was desperately digging for a camera and tampons flew everywhere - the sod strikes again!!

Really Rachel said...

Oops! That's annoying. Bad luck.

Kitty said...

Just dropping by to wish you and your jellies a very Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year. Have a good one. xxx

trisha too said...

Mrs. Jelly, where have you gone off to?

Happy New Year!

Julia said...

hello :)

Ive just found your blog through a bit of random browsing, oh I have to say its fabulous - I love the way you write and am off to read some more!

Much love
Happy New Year
Julia xxx

laoi gaul~williams said...

i am someone else who found her way here in a random fashion~i have been in fits of laughter, a good thing since things have been pretty cruddy since christmas in the world of solsticedreamer.

i made it past the Take That post...was that Manchester? i was there!!!! (was also at wembly the year before as well!)

anyhoo i shall be here again :) keep blogging!

Dr. Jo said...

I've only ever gotten two speeding tix in over 36 years of driving--and both were for going 32 in a 25 zone!

I'm a regular speed-demon.