8 March 2008

Cottage Appeal

Do you have access to a gorgeous cottage property?

We have been approached by a freelance journalist to have our products featured in an editorial piece in the pages of a national glossy magazine.

The journalist is looking to photograph some of our products in a traditional country-cottage environment, with the emphasis of the article being on the cottage, rather than our products.

Ideally, we are looking for a cottage that has bedrooms for a boy and girl and light and airy rooms.

We are more than happy to run the article as a joint-business venture, ie, if you own an interior design company and want to show off your talents, your business details can be included in the article.

There are a few other relevant details :

1) You must be the owner, or have the owner's written permission to feature the property
2) No money will be paid for the feature - either to the property owners or jellybelly*jellybrain
3) There is no guarantee as to when the article will be published

If this is something you think you can help us with, please drop us an email

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